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I am a growth hacker and I do content marketing!!! So who am I?

I posted a status on Quora.

6,000 upvotes later, I felt like I had championed the site.

A month later, I took that Quora answer and put it on Facebook.

The result?

Close to 300 engagements and 70 shares!

Another two months later, I took that answer and posted it on LinkedIn.

The result?

6,000 engagements.

Several months later, I re-posted it again on LinkedIn.

41,000 engagements.

In total, from this one piece of content, I’ve generated over 50,000 engagements across three platforms.

What I realized is that you can re-post, re-purpose, and re-hash older content forever.

So, that’s exactly what I started doing.

growth hacking and content marketing bamf article


growth hacking and content marketing bamf article

growth hacking and content marketing bamf article

Here are some important steps:

1: Create a Question Backlog

2: Develop Stories

3: Style Guide

4: Find Relevant Questions on Quora

5: Keep track of all your stories in a Folder

6: Engagement Pods work – at first (best to rely solely on yourself)

7:  Leverage question asking

8: How to respond to negative comments

9: How to respond to positive comments

10: Hire a VA to respond to people

11: Empower others to write their stories interacting with you

Then re-purpose that content

12: E-book campaigns

13: Direct message campaign (sales & recruiting)

14: Repurpose content from interviews

15: Take interviews and turn them into blog content

16: Take interviews and turn them into LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram content

17: How to hire writers

The above steps are quite practical and easy to implement, don’t you think so? Let me know once you have implemented! Good luck.

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