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Hey there, are you thinking of hiring a growth hacker? Or are you confused?

There are some parameters to it. But before discussing that, allow me to tell you, who is a growth hacker? If we divide the term “Growth Hacker”,  we get Growth and Hacker. Now here, growth refers to progress or grow. And I personally believe that “hacker” is just a buzzword. A Growth Hacker is a person who is an expert at marketing and engineering. So when you are looking for a growth hacker, it means that you need someone who knows marketing and can interpret the data that comes from marketing.

But what if you already have a marketing plan? You should still hire a growth hacker. Remember, it is marketing and engineering!

Signs that it is time to hire a Growth Hacker

Number 1: You need more people

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Business growth is good, but it also means that you need more people. A growth hacker will reduce the workload. How? The tips given by a growth hacker are important. For example, till date, you may be data scraping manually. But the growth hacker knows how to do it in a better way with programming, tools, etc. This scenario is generally applicable to start-ups and small businesses. Big companies are never short of employees. In addition to this, a lot of people are willing to work in big companies. So finding new employees isn’t a big thing for them.

Number 2: Short of Talent

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If your clients aren’t satisfied with the work or if you outsource most of your work, then it is certainly time to hire an expert. Who knows, a growth hacker may also help you hire better people! The growth hacker can also assist and train your existing team.  For example, if your team is struggling with social media returns, a growth hacker can come to your rescue.

Number 3: Your product/service is good, but not hitting the market

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Yes, this reason is quite common. You know that your product or service is good. The price is reasonable and is loaded with amazing features, but why it isn’t hitting the market? If this is the case, please hire a growth hacker immediately. The thing is that one can only do a limited amount of tasks. So if you are focussing on manufacturing or development, who takes of the marketing? The world should know that your product/service exists. So the best option is to hire a growth hacker right away.

Number 4: You have tried everything, but it’s still not working

GHA Signs That You Are Ready To Hire A Growth Hacker Article Image

There is a blog, you are active on social media pages, PPC checked, SEO is all good, but the results are zero or negligible. If you have tried all the possible things for business growth, and it’s still not showing results, please hire a growth hacker. It means that you work a lot, but not in the proper direction. A growth hacker can definitely solve this puzzle.

These are just generalized signs. Every company is different, so think about your signs in addition to the above. It will help you get a better vision. If you find that you need a growth hacker, take your time. Think about the qualifications, be confident while selecting, and always consult colleagues from the similar field. Their experience of hiring employees count a lot. So keep rocking and wishing you the best of growth!

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