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PR Hacking.

We’ll get your business featured in the biggest, most relevant publications.

How do you do it?

It just takes a little bit of technological magic. Firstly, we have a team of in-house PR experts to do all outreach for you. We amplify your brand awareness by doing outreach to targeted PR & Influencer contacts that are entirely based on your audience. Our list of contacts will include digital publishers, journalists, top Facebook page managers, YouTube hosts, podcasters, TV reporters, and other influencers with large relevant audiences. The goal will be to get you interviews, features, reviews, and major social shares that drive traffic back to your website.

Top PR Hacking Use Cases






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What does PR success look like?

Our goals are to ensure that your brand or product gets in front of as many eyes as possible. We strive to land you PR placements at top publications along with other media outlets. From there, we’ll work hard to create partnerships at scale to generate buzz around targeted communities relevant to your brand. In the end, our strategies will generate brand awareness, build thought leadership, and accomplish your own PR goals.


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Our Clients Love Us.

Here are some of our highest performing clients.

Unicorn Snot

Our viral campaign made these glittery cosmetics go viral.

Italy’s hottest makeup company chose GHA to go viral in the USA.


Our targeted viral campaign got this baby monitor company great results.

I’ve worked with top level PhD. Marketers, blah blah, and this Growth Hacking Agency is the first and only Agency to drive ROI in Digital Marketing. Nick Black


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