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Media Buying.

We get your business noticed through advertising.

What are Media Buying?

Media Buying is just another phrase describing the purchasing of ads on a variety of platforms. At our agency, we focus on two types of Media Buying: Social Media Advertising, along with  Search & Display Advertising.    

Top Media Buying Use Cases






Super Results

We know how each ad platform works from the inside, out, that’s why we wait for our campaigns to optimize before throwing large budgets at them. Using our extremely precise and targeted approach, our team is able to drive cost per click and cost per acquisition as low as 10 cents.


Conversion Rate from Messenger to Email


Overall Engagement Rate


Click Through Rate


Unsubscribe Rate

The Social Media Ad Process

Once we identify your target consumers, we optimize conversions using attention-grabbing visuals and persuasive copy. Our Creative Department takes pride in the quality of their work, and we take pride in their talent. Your ads will be custom branded to your specifications and optimized for engagement and conversions. After ads go live, we track their performance and evolve our strategy, design, and copy accordingly to maximize your ad dollars.

The Search & Display Ad Process

We perform a detailed audit of the keywords most likely to yield optimal results for your company. Using detailed data and analytics, we will know who visits your site, their interests, demographics, location, etc,  then target and retarget the consumers most interested in what you sell.

Retargeting Campaigns

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Our Clients Love Us.

Here are some of our highest performing clients.

Unicorn Snot

Our viral campaign made these glittery cosmetics go viral.

Italy’s hottest makeup company chose GHA to go viral in the USA.


Our targeted viral campaign got this baby monitor company great results.
I’ve worked with top level PhD. Marketers, blah blah, and this Growth Hacking Agency is the first and only Agency to drive ROI in Digital Marketing. Nick Black


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