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B2B Growth Hacking.

We’ll build your sales funnel through ultra-personal cold emailing.

What is B2B Growth Hacking?

We accellerate your business growth through email and LinkedIn prospecting. We combine human research, proprietary technology, and big data to help companies turn cold emails into warm leads through real conversations with ideal customers, investors, or business prospects.  

Top B2B Growth Hacking Use Cases







Awesome Results

Using our ability to think outside of the box and be innovative in our growth hacking approach, we are able to scrape and find data that nobody else can. See for yourself.

Total Followers Generated on LinkedIn

Calls Booked

Estimated Sales Generated

Opportunities & Relationships Built

Connections. At scale.

We use LinkedIn to job-scrape all companies hiring for specific jobs in your industry. Using our in-house automation and tools, we get the emails & LinkedIn URLs of Founders from these companies. From there, we use ultra-targeted personal statements to cold email and connect with these Founders, their secretaries, and executive assistants. Through our cold email and LinkedIn outreach, we are able to achieve an unprecedentedly high reply rate. This places your company on the edge of high-value relationships and B2B connections.

What Can B2B Growth Hacking Do For You?

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Our Clients Love Us.

Here are some of our highest performing clients.

Unicorn Snot

Our viral campaign made these glittery cosmetics go viral.

Italy’s hottest makeup company chose GHA to go viral in the USA.


Our targeted viral campaign got this baby monitor company great results.

I’ve worked with top level PhD. Marketers, blah blah, and this Growth Hacking Agency is the first and only Agency to drive ROI in Digital Marketing. Nick Black


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