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LinkedIn Influencer Program.

Using our proven writing techniques, we can make you a viral sensation.

Why be an Influencer?

Traditionally, an influencer is a person who has the ability to get in front of the eyes of many. On Instagram, an influencer may have 200k followers and post a photo of themselves drinking Sobe Lifewater in Tahiti… but on LinkedIn, it’s a bit different from that. LinkedIn influencers have the ability to gather the eyes of many which grows an individual’s personal brand, along with showing expertise and experience in their field. This form of showmanship and class on a professional network has the ability to drive name recognition, leads, and ultimately sales for your business.

How does it work?

At BAMF we do a few things to make you a LinkedIn sensation. First, we start ghostwriting content that is designed for virality. We don’t BS the content. Every week you’ll meet with one of our staff writers, who will interview you to hear your real stories and turn them into viral posts. Whether it’s teachable moments in business, to talking about your everyday routine, our writers will produce compelling content that people want to read.

What next?

From there, we use our Growth Hacking mentality to auto-connect you to hundreds, if not thousands of potential prospects. These prospects will see and interact with your posts, building up their trust and authority in both you and your business. As more people interact with your posts, others who you aren’t connected to will see your post. We’ve found that our techniques snowball into awesome business partnerships, leads, sales, and most importantly, growth.


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