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How to Get Press for Your Startup in 2019 with PR Hacking

How to Get Press for Your Startup in 2019 with PR Hacking

How to Break the Internet with PR Hacking
Houston Golden, Co-Founder & CEO of BAMF.Media

When I was young, I wanted to be a famous musician. I reached out to many publications to cover my music, but no one would. At the same time, one of my closest friends, Connor, got a ton of his music covered.

The difference?

Connor personalized his outreach to the bloggers. He’d write about previous posts they’d published and pitch stories around his music.

That’s when I realized there was a systematic way to get PR placements. Let’s break it down:

Types of PR Placements

  • Interviews

This can be an interview on a podcast or a full-fledge write-up like we do on the BAMF Media blog.

  • Featured Stories

This is more of a “Hey, check out the story of this team or product.”

  • Paid Placements

This is when a blogger, fan page, or influencer responds, “Hey, it will cost this much for a shout out.”

  • Product Reviews / Testimonials

YouTube videos rank on Google Search, too.

Why Does it Matter?

By getting PR placements, it helped build third-party credibility. It’s the difference between you saying you’re great vs. the opposing team’s coach calling you a star player. Not only does is build credibility, but it can often send a wave of traffic to your site. In our case, we use the third-party credibility to warm cold audiences with Facebook ads.

This way when we run an ad later to the same audience to visit our page, we get much more positive feedback. There are even more benefits, including building your site authority with Google. The more content you have from well-renowned sources linking to your site, the better Google will treat your site when it comes to ranking content.

Using the tool, Alexa, we can see all the websites linking into BAMF.Media.

Depending on the placement, you can get upwards to thousands of visitors from one article. If you have a story worth sharing, often you can get it placed many times from tutorial, reviews, and features which can turn PR into a scalable marketing channel.

Start with Data

To get placements, you need the contact info of journalists, podcasters, and fan pages. An easy way to get this data is to download it from BuzzSumo for journalists, have a virtual assistant scrape iTunes for podcasters, or use Socialbakers for fan pages.

For BuzzSumo, we search for content relevant to our subject matter. If we’re a tea company, then we may search “tea.” This will bring up every article about tea. We can set preferences for when these articles were written from the last 24 hours to 5 years.

The next step is to click the Export button and download this data.

Here’s what it looks like:

Once you have this data, make sure to clean it up. All you need is the author name and website URL. From there, break apart the company name from the website URL by using the Power Tools’ Google Sheet add-on. Once you do that, you can now process this data through to get their emails using the Email Finder feature.

You can do the same with Anyleads.

Better yet, you can use Phantombuster to get the LinkedIn URLs of the people you have in your Google Sheet using their LinkedIn Profile URL Finder API. Then you can process this into Anyleads to get their personal emails.

Contactout will also give you their personal emails. From there, you can upload this list into Facebook as a custom audience. This will give you the ability to remarket to these journalists about your company before they even get your pitch.

The same process works with Facebook fan pages using Socialbakers.

Here’s the resulting data.

There a couple of ways to do this one. You can either DM their page or use t0 pull employee emails from each company’s marketing department at scale.

For podcasts, select a category and/or subcategory of podcasts you want to scrape using the iTunes desktop podcast library.

Copy and paste the podcast list to Column A in a new Google sheet. Since the list is separated by alphabetical page, you will need to get a virtual assistant to copy and paste the list 27 times (A-Z, #) in order to get a complete list. Or have them use Listly’s bulk URL processor to get all the data from each page in one click.

Remove “(MP3)” and “(HD)” words from column one by using the Power Tools add-on (Add-ons > Power Tools > Remove > Remove a substring: > “(MP3)”, “(HD)” > Remove)

Update the Google sheet settings so that anyone with the shareable link can view. Run the Google Sheet through Phantombuster’s Domain Name Finder.

  1. Spreadsheet URL: [shareable Google sheet URL]
  2. Column name… : [*no text*]
  3. Ignored domains: []





Save, then launch Phantombuster. Depending on your list size, this may take a few minutes to a few hours. Export the list and upload to a new Google Sheet.

Run the Domain Name Finder worksheet through Phantombuster’s LinkedIn Company URL Finder. Export the results to a new Google Sheet. Next, run this worksheet through Phantombuster’s LinkedIn Companies Employees.

Export the results to a new Google Sheet. Format “currentJob” column so all rows contain the string “host.” From here, filter by relevant job title. Then use Linked Helper to LinkedIn message them at scale based on their LinkedIn URL and Hunter to bulk process the filtered list into emails.

Personalize it

This part is a bit harder. You need a virtual assistant to check out the post from each blogger and description from each podcaster. Then use a piece of it in the email or LinkedIn message. The idea here is to make it feel natural.

If the recipient feels like you sent that message only to them, then they’ll be more likely to respond to your emails and messages.

How to Structure Your Email

Personalized Intro

  • Example: Pre-written personal blogger statements
  • 1-2 sentence pitch
  • 3-4 value props / topics of interest
    • buzzworthy stories related to brand
    • thought leadership / subject-matter expertise
    • how we did XYZ to achieve X
    • notable milestones / accomplishments
  • Define Clear Call to Action (CTA)
    • “Scheduling a call, interview, next steps, let’s chat”
  • Sender Persona + Profile Pic

Start Your Outreach Campaign

I’d recommend using the tool Mailshake to send emails in, ideally, five-stage sequences. Sync Mailshake with Calendly using  Zapier. If your main call to action is to book a call using Calendly, then you can use this Zap to take the recipient out of the sequence if they book.

Here’s an example email:

The results?


Use Your Powers Wisely

With the right story and the right recipients, you can seed the next viral story.

Imagine your product being talked about across many publications from TechCrunch to Time. Traffic. Backlinks. Customers. All at your fingertips.

The Growth Hacking Tools In-Trend

The Growth Hacking Tools In-Trend

What do you think growth hacking tools refer to??

It refers to continuous experimentation, testing, and collecting organic data. Growth hacking helps in expanding the scope of business by reaching every corner of your niche. But all this is only possible if you use growth hacking tools and resources. Most of the growth hacking tools are amazing. They are developed considering the best possible outcome. But I already mentioned that growth hacking is a field that refers to continuous experimentation. The trends in growth hacking keep changing. This also means that the tools keep on changing.

So there are top-rated growth hacking tools every year. But they might not even make it to the top 100 in the next 2 years. Why? The requirements change, the methods change, and sometimes the concept itself change. So let us have a look at some of the best growth hacking tools for time being!

Number 1: Colibri IO

Colibri helps you monitor and track brands online. It helps in enhancing the brand awareness, mentions, updates, etc. With Colibri, one can find opportunities on social networks as well as search engines. It gives the freedom to monitor competitors and their brands. The tool is loaded with features like topic tracking, question tracking, trends on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, etc. One can join relevant discussions, offer help, suggest brands, etc with Colibri. Additionally, it assists to source content, find SEO opportunities, discover content, etc.

Number 2: Sumo

Sumo offers a free and premium site for growth hacking tools. The goal is to accelerate growth. The application comes with a list builder that helps you build a heat map, email following, social sharing, etc. The free, as well as the basic option, allows you to use all the apps with a traffic cap. The premium version provides additional features like A/B testing, advanced display rules, templates, etc.

Number 3: UnBounce

If you aren’t technically sound, it doesn’t matter with UnBounce. Yes, it helps you build, launch, and optimize landing pages easily. It offers a nice template with a drag and drop builder to create individual page elements. Anyone can create custom landing pages and integrate them with 3rd party platforms like WordPress, HubSpot, etc. Additionally, take the advantage of A/B test for improving the page conversion. So please don’t worry if you aren’t a web designer. Simply create amazing unlimited custom pages with UnBounce.

Number 4: Nimble

If you are in search of a full-service CRM (Customer Relationship Program), then Nimble is the perfect platform. Nimble comes up with features like email, calendar, contact sync, task management, calendar management, and a lot more. I personally love the reminders feature. It helps in taking easy follow up with clients and potential leads. In addition to this, Nimble is loaded up with services like sales automation, marketing, reporting and analytics, data integration, etc. Nimble is powerful and is a good platform for growth hacking. The best part, Nimble is affordable for small-scale businesses as well!

Number 5: KissMetrics

KissMetrics is one of the most amazing platforms for customer intelligence and analytics. It helps you understand consumer behavior. Once you understand it, driving growth is easy. KissMetrics is unique because it combines behavioral analytics, segmentation, and email campaign automation for understanding and engaging customers. The platform helps increase conversions, understand customers and engage visitors in making sales. KissMetrics also provides customized solutions for e-commerce, SaaS, and agencies.

I would like to mention some other tools as well: Clicktale, Zapier, Aweber, Drip (from Leadpages), SnapEngage, etc. Overall, growth hacking is important, ever-growing, and allows expansion through any available channels. So use these growth hacking tools and let the magic happen!

Create Infographics Like A Pro With Venngage

Create Infographics Like A Pro With Venngage

Infographics are fun, aren’t they?

Marketing is based on communication. Whether it is through television advertisements, online advertisements, through papers, etc, any medium. Innovation in communication has often lead to marketing success. Visual communication is one such form of communication that has never witnessed a downfall and infographics is a part of visual communication. So there is this tool known as Venngage that helps you create engaging infographics. Let us have a quick look at how to boost up your visual output using Venngage.

What is Venngage?

Venngage is an online tool that can be accessed through the official Venngage website. It helps you create trendy content for websites, presentations (for SlideShare, etc), ads, social media marketing, and more. There are many ready-to-use templates and you can quickly create the visual content. The templates can be used for infographics, reports, posters, campaigns, etc.

One of the best things about Venngage is that it is very easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert at designing.

How To Use It?

There are literally tonnes of things that Venngage offers! There are many templates available for infographics and we won’t discuss it. We will just focus on creating custom infographics for now.

First of all, you need to sign-up on the Venngage website. Once you log-in, there will be loads of free templates waiting for you! To use the advanced features, you need to upgrade your membership.

GHA Create Infographics Like A Pro With Venngage Article Image

Custom Templates

Click on the “Inforgraphics” tab and go to “My Infographics”. Then simply opt for creating a new infographic. The GUI can change, so just understand the concept. You will be directed to the editing page and there will be many templates. All these can be easily customized. There will be tools available for editing the images that you upload. The template images are also editable. So just change the colors, background, etc as per your needs. Not only images, Venngage also provides icons, charts, maps, fonts, etc. Effects like changing the opacity of an image, watermark, etc are also available.

GHA Create Infographics Like A Pro With Venngage Article Image

Venngage allows you to add interactive infographic elements. So you can add YouTube videos, tables, polls, etc. For example, if you want to ask people to fill out some poll, add a poll. Further, you can upload your own video requesting people to participate and share their views. Now, this becomes your campaign!

Once you are done with all the editing, it is time to publish your infographic. Using Venngage, preview the infographic, publish it, share it, or download it. It is that simple to use Venngage.



Schedule Your Posts With eClincher

Schedule Your Posts With eClincher

Sharing your own content is quite important. The task doesn’t end at just creating content.

You need to share it at the right time. But how will you manage it all? Go on the autopilot mode. eClincher is a tool that helps in social media sharing. It comes up with an easy-to-use dashboard and enables you to go on the auto-pilot mode. The tool helps you locate your content, share it, and schedule it! So if you are working individually, as a small company, or as a big company, this tool will help you schedule your evergreen content.

GHA Schedule Your Posts With eClincher Article Image

eClincher at it’s best

eClincher is a cloud-based app. It comes up with some amazing features. But there is one feature that everybody loves. You can schedule your posts with queues. This feature is especially helpful when you are posting lots of content on different social media channels. From the queue, you can choose to post as per your posting preferences. For example, posting with less or more frequency, stop posting content at a particular date, etc.

How eClincher solved a major problem?

The main concerns while automating content posting is time and working patterns of different platforms. For example, consider that you schedule your posts for LinkedIn. But LinkedIn isn’t just the only channel, right? You need to schedule the same posts or different posts, for different channels, at different times. If you post it at the same time on every channel, you might lose your audience. They might get fed-up. For example, if a person is following you on two social media channels, he/she won’t prefer getting notified for the same content twice, at the same time!

To manage all this efficiently, you may need more screens, more employees, etc. It will also waste your time. This is when eClincher comes to your rescue. You can set-up everything from a single dashboard provided by eCincher. Schedule it once and then just monitor. It saves a lot of time and effort.

GHA Schedule Your Posts With eClincher Article Image


Let us quickly have a look at the features offered by eClincher.

Feature 1: Publishing/Scheduling Posts

Publishing and Scheduling of blog posts, the content could be yours or could be found from the Monitoring window. Social media sites supported: Facebook (Personal, Pages & Groups), Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. You can also combine Facebook and Twitter account.

Feature 2: Content recycling, auto-posting, and bulk upload

GHA Schedule Your Posts With eClincher Article Image

Be consistent in sharing, posting, and re-posting your content with this feature. Create content once and use the Auto Post feature. For example, sharing the post once per week, on Facebook. You can opt for the auto-scheduler feature that automatically re-posts the content.

Feature 3: Monitoring & Engagement

You can add your favorite RSS feeds. Once added, you can monitor your business, competitors, etc. With research keywords, you can save your custom search feeds. This will help you stay updated, find new stories, connect with people, etc. eClincher can also be used as an engagement tool. For example, it helps to like, comment, reply, etc. It is like, you have opened multiple social media accounts in one place.

GHA Schedule Your Posts With eClincher Article Image

Feature 4: Everything in the Social Media Inbox

Engage with your audience from all the social media accounts, at one place. You can also color tag your profiles. eClincher also helps you find active influencers in your niche.

GHA Schedule Your Posts With eClincher Article Image

Feature 5: Efficient Tracking, Analysing, And Optimisation

GHA Schedule Your Posts With eClincher Article Image

eClincher can be integrated with Google Analytics. So use all the amazing Google Analytics features with eClincher.

Feature 6: Live Analytics Dashboard & Built-In Design Tools

The Live Analytics Dashboard offers powerful metrics to give you the exact idea of what’s happening. The real-time analytics is certainly helpful. Keep a track of everyone. Tools like Canva help you create beautiful blog posts and eClincher has already integrated it. There are many such useful inbuilt tools.

There are some more features like integration to multiple social media channels (we have already discussed), customer support, and good packages.

Overall, it is a very good social media management tool. It is good for businesses, brands, and individuals. So try it out!


Elevate LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Account

Elevate LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Account

Need to elevate your social media accounts?

After LinkedIn acquired Lynda, it soon released Elevate. It is a stand-alone app from LinkedIn. With Elevate, you make your employees work! Elevate is often known as the Employee Advocacy Tool. First of all, it lets you discover content that is relevant to your industry. The purpose of Elevate as per LinkedIn is “Helping companies empower their employees to share content”.

GHA Elevate LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Account Article Image

What does it do?

First of all, LinkedIn Elevate is a tool that isn’t widely used. The reason is that its approach is quite narrow in terms of clients. It is not an open tool. For example, the employees of a particular company can use it for sharing the content. But you need to be a part of that company! So let us understand the functionalities of Elevate, like what does Elevate do!

Number 1: It offers content curation

LinkedIn Elevate recommends stories and blogs. The recommendation is done based on an algorithm. In general, it can be assumed that the algorithm might be recommending content based on the influencers you follow! Also, it must be analyzing your job title, industry, experiences, etc. Elevate accesses LinkedIn Pulse as well as Newsle.

Number 2: Social sharing at ease

The content can easily be shared on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Number 3: Statistics

Elevate measures the impact of your shared content. Like it allows the employee and the company to view the results like the number of shares, comments, etc.

Features As Per The Type Of Users

As mentioned, Elevate has an enclosed approach. It will always feel that you are accessing some top-secret with Elevate. So Elevate has different privileges as per the user type.


The Employees can share & suggest content. For example, company A has posted an article or news feed. The employees of company A can share it and suggest it. The admin will receive reports of what was shared, how much was shared, and what was the reach of it?


The curators can share & suggest content. In addition to this, they can also view analytics. So analysis like how broadcasts and shares are performing, the demographics, tracking analytics for the content, etc are available to the curators.


The admins can manage employees, view analytics, and also manage topics. So the admin could invite the employee to join the Elevate account and share the content. Admin can view the analytics and can also create/edit the content topics.


The good thing about Elevate is that there is also a mobile application available. The application is quick, handy, and easy to use. Overall, if you are managing a company and your employees are accessing social media, Elevate can be quite helpful for sharing content/updates.

Get Genuine Followers With Kicksta

Get Genuine Followers With Kicksta

Instagram is fun, isn’t it?

People post anything and everything. It wasn’t meant for social media marketing. But somehow, Instagram is now a super-hit. Especially for brands and influencers, it is a medium for getting followers and being in touch with them. So there’s this amazing tool known as Kicksta that helps get real followers.

GHA Get Genuine Followers With Kicksta Article Image

How Do I Operate Kicksta?

Like most of the online tools, the user has to sign-up on Kicksta. After that, Kicksta prompts for target Instagram accounts. These accounts are the ones from which you desire to attract followers. Now, for all these target accounts, simply like one or two photos. The moment you like the photos, the account holder will receive a notification from Instagram. It informs the account holder that you have liked their photo.

Kicksta targets accounts that are similar to yours or are into the similar domain. For example, if you are promoting your shoe brand, similar other shoe brand accounts will be targeted. So there are high chances that the followers of that shoe brand will also like your account photos because of the common interests. Kicksta likes an approx. of 30, 000 photos/month. This helps in getting an organic reach on your page. Kicksta updates you with a monthly growth report. It also assigns a custom success manager for solving any issues.

A lot of people get confused with the concept of Kicksta. Always remember that Kicksta doesn’t like the target accounts. It likes the followers of those target accounts.


Let us have a quick look at Kicksta Features.

(1) The autopilot feature: In the autopilot mode, the tool will work for you automatically. You can switch over to other important tasks.

(2) Smart Targeting: Kicksta has its own algorithm for finding potential accounts. So you will always get more potential account options.

(3) Strategy Call and success manager: You will receive a complimentary call once you sign-up. The team will give you tricks and tips. Also, the “success manager” will help you attain your Instagram goals.

(4) Precise Data Encryption: Your data undergoes 256-bit SSL encryption.

(5) Reporting: Precise growth reports are e-mailed monthly.

Point to be noted!

GHA Get Genuine Followers With Kicksta Article Image

All the hype is regarding the number of followers. So how many followers could do I get? Is it fixed? No, this isn’t fixed! The number of followers varies from account to account. It depends on the quality of content you post and to whom you post! Kicksta will work for any account that has followers. The tool doesn’t guarantee followers because it is a subjective matter. Some people might look at your account photos, but not like them. So it is totally subjective from person to person.

Kicksta comes up with a 14-day free trial. So try it out for free. Check if it is making a difference or not. It has proved to be a success for many brands and influencers. But as mentioned, it is a subjective matter completely. So try it out!