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The key to Postcard Marketing with Direct Mail

The key to Postcard Marketing with Direct Mail

As a thank you to all BAMF followers, subscribers, and well-wishers, I wrote this post. I’ve sent 100ks+ of postcards and here’s everything I know about postcard marketing or direct marketing.

Isn’t Direct Mail Dead, you serious about postcard marketing?

The reason direct mail works is because so many marketers think that way, it works -because- it’s underutilized.

When and where to use it:

Direct mail is generally a good idea for businesses that have $, have optimized their free channels, know their customers super well, and are past product/market fit, or where LTV is really high. Think e-commerce or real estate. It is also a good way to reach people in a specific area, folks who are offline or inundated with digital advertising.  Direct mail is harder to do outside the US (privacy laws for lists, technology, ~2x more expensive, etc).

Conversion #s:

Expect a 1-3% conversion rate on a campaign executed flawlessly with my tips. Best I’ve ever seen is 10% after >$1M in spend and over 10+ designs, optimized as they learned. Per-postcard personalization helps a lot.

The best postcard campaigns are sent to targeted audiences, people that already know your brand.

After that, targeted purchased lists are good. Generally, avoid sending EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) to entire carrier routes… which is a good deal cheaper, but not as targeted. Time spent on your list is well spent.

Ready for all my postcard knowledge, distilled into 1 page?

Head into a room. Leave your phone behind. Read for 25 minutes. I have chosen every word and link carefully. Ready? If so… go…

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

First, Design a Great Card.
  1. Get Inspired:
  • From companies like Amazon, Chase, Sprig,, State Farm, DoorDash, Gap, Verizon, etc.
  • Design tips :(1) For postcard sizes, send 6×9 cards or 6×11, 4×6 doesn’t convert as well. (2) Use images from if you don’t have a great image. Use for your icons. (3) Your headline should be 3-5 words only, no more. EDIT IT! Again! (4) Have a crazy good offer (30-40%+), make it expire. After the headline, make the offer most visible.
  • If you can, personalize it. First names, maps unique to each card with nearby customers, related products, etc.
  1. Add in tracking:
  • We use the com API to provide unique forwarding phone numbers for each campaign to use caller-ID attribution, cheaper + better than Twilio. A free Google Voice number will do, too.


  • Use a URL forwarder. Even just If you want, get fancy and get a unique URL for every card to track top of funnel, then follow up with emails. Unique QR codes, work too.
  • com also offers delivery API calls. Use them, check organic traffic when cards are delivered. You can do QR codes or even in-person redemptions if you have a brick and mortar.
Second, Build a Targeted List.
  1. You can target by tons of criteria:
  • Target Consumers, Businesses, or Homes/Other.
  • Target folks on the web, e.g. LinkedIn with an outsourcer.
  • You only buy a list AFTER you design a card. Lists go stale, so send fast!
  1. Combine direct mail with email.
  2. Validate and clean your list:
  • com has a free address validator API.
  • com is a way to auto-clean lists if you didn’t buy them from the folks above.
Finally, Send and Measure it.
  1. Pick a printer:
  • If you aren’t doing personalization or per-postcard tracking, don’t use
  • For sending >100k, use an offset printer. You can’t do much personalization at that volume without spending a lot. Try smaller campaigns first to optimize your message.
  1. Measure your results:
  • Generally, results come in 1-4 days after cards are in boxes.
  • Based on conversions, do retarget. Same neighborhood. Same demographics. You can also do browser->address attribution (yea, right!!). Refer
(A) Appendix: Consumer Targeting Options:

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

(B) Appendix: Business Targeting Options:

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

(C) Appendix: Property, New Mover, Speciality Data:

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

(D) Appendix: Postcard Statistics:

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

Something About Warming The Cold Leads

Something About Warming The Cold Leads

Warming the cold leads is exciting!

Today I got asked how to send cold leads/emails in bulk to a bought mailing list…..this topic is going to throw up some controversy but if you can’t break something to risk some things it’s not worth it in my opinion.

What do you do if you’ve got a mailing list of 50k? I had this problem earlier this month that I luckily managed to solve. I bought a 50k mailing list to test and run some experiments on. First of all, it was a relevant list of people interested in technology and gadgets, not a hair and beauty list which would be pointless to buy if you’re selling technology.

If you try and send 50k emails first through anywhere you’ll get blacklisted. You could try asking someone else to do it for you on places like Up work but they could steal the data and spam it themselves till it becomes useless.

So I went on a path of discovery trying to work out the best way and this is what I found:
  1. You’ll need to verify these emails, I’m talking about not just confirming the source you bought them from but to individually run them through spam filters and to see if the emails are active.

If you have a number of emails that no longer exist and the place you’re using to send them gets a whiff you’ll get blacklisted.

You need to use a tool called emaillistverify (google it) this will run all the emails you have and check that they are real + don’t have any spam-traps.

  1. You’ll have to warm these people up…no point just sending a cold email. Pull the emails into Facebook using a custom audience and run brand awareness campaigns. Run these at the audience you imported for about 2 weeks. You can also import them into Google and run a campaign of display ads.
  2. Send them an email. Send emails in batches…..send 500 – 1000 a day. You can also split the emails up into lists, if you have 20 different lists it won’t look as obvious. The first email should explain what you’re product is in one line (this should be in-line with the brand awareness campaign you ran) . Don’t use CAPS.

After doing this you should see you won’t get as many people unsubscribing or you get black listed.


Mastering LinkedIn for Building Your Network

Mastering LinkedIn for Building Your Network

Why LinkedIn Automation?

Imagine if you viewed 500 targeted profiles/day to encourage people to view yours on LinkedIn.

And what if you could be hyper-specific with targeting enabling you only to interact with employees, customers, and evangelists of competitors?

Without any work, you’d gain new connections, business introductions, and inbound leads. With LinkedIn automation, you can do just that.

Optimizing Your Profile

LinkedIn automation also lets you send messages to recipients at scale. In turn, you can reach thousands of potential prospects with barely touching your keyboard. Before you decide to add LinkedIn automation to your growth list, you must have an optimized profile for responses.

In my profile below, I have a professional headshot balancing a look of intrigue and inspiration, a picture of me speaking, and a headline with three strong titles.

BAMF Mastering LinkedIn for Building Your Network Article Image

Next, I focus on creating an excellent personal summary. It dives into my history of failures and successes.

This helps build emotional rapport with the reader.

I end the intro with a strong call to action to get in touch with me. For example, “Tired of Intercom? Then message me about how I can implement a better CRM system for you with Autopilot.”

Once you have your summary down, you need endorsements. The fastest way to get endorsements is just to ask others. I’d suggest asking two hundred to three hundred people in your network for endorsements. You can send them a message similar to the screenshot on the right.

BAMF Mastering LinkedIn for Building Your Network Article Image

When you’ve optimized your profile, it’s almost time to start automating profile viewing and messaging. To ensure you don’t receive warning messages from LinkedIn because of too much activity, you need to purchase a Sales Navigator account or LinkedIn Recruiter account.

These upgrades will allow you to view hundreds of profiles a day while staying under LinkedIn’s radar.


Next, download Dux Soup ($15/month) to begin auto-viewing profiles. The paid version has support for Sales Navigator and Recruiter, enables you to download visited profile-data as a CSV, re-visit based on previously downloaded CSV, have unlimited visits/day, and have unlimited tagging.

When you download Dux Soup, click on options to configure your settings as seen on the right-hand side.

BAMF Mastering LinkedIn for Building Your Network Article Image

When you have your desired settings in place, then use your LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Recruiter to conduct a search query. From here, click the Dux Soup Chrome extension to begin extracting data. Keep in mind you can only extract one page (25 results) at a time.

BAMF Mastering LinkedIn for Building Your Network Article Image

If you want to capitalize on more of your existing network, then you’ll get better results with GPZ LinkedIn Tools ($49). GPZ LinkedIn Tools is for automated message sending, auto connecting, and auto viewing.

The interface is very intuitive enabling you to set up a campaign within minutes. In this example, we use the Auto Message Sender campaign.

BAMF Mastering LinkedIn for Building Your Network Article Image

From here, we configure the New Connection Messenger feature to send messages to specific people based on the URL corresponding to an Advanced People Search.

Now, you can send hundreds of messages every day to people in your network. Maybe you’re launching on Product Hunt or holding a conference.

BAMF Mastering LinkedIn for Building Your Network Article Image

Here’s an example message you could send out to get people to attend your event:

[first name],

I want to reach out because we’re connected, and I noticed you work in [i.e. growth marketing] in [i.e. San Francisco]. I thought you could help me for 3 seconds.

I’m excited to announce that the [name of event] in [i.e. San Francisco]. It’s been featured in [i.e. Forbes, Entrepreneur] as the next [i.e. Dreamforce].

The event starts in two days! The speakers include:

  1. [Big name #1]
  2. [Big name #2]
  3. [Big name #3]

Please take 3 seconds to let me know what you think about the [event]:

You can find more details and register here: [landing page URL]

Thank you so much for your time.”

A Few Last Notes

If you have over ten thousand connections, this automated messaging tactic could send over one thousand people to your landing page. And it only takes a minute to start running.

But be careful not to overuse this tactic when asking your connections to take action; otherwise, you’ll come off as a taker. Also, to avoid getting flagged by your recipients, ensure to use personalized copy based on your targeting (i.e. job title, company name, company size, industry experience, location, age, and gender).


The Perfect Email Copywriting For Growth

The Perfect Email Copywriting For Growth

EMAIL 1 / A – The appropriate person technique,

This is a great trick that works well – Send 4 emails to 4 different people in a company, mentioning the 3 other colleagues you emailed. This increases the chances of them talking about you dramatically. The rate of positive replies increases especially if you target people in multiple layers of an organisation. An employee, their boss and the boss of their boss, if it is interesting someone will delegate down, This technique was invented by a guy named Bryan Kreuzberger,


Hey {{firstname}},

I am writing in hopes of finding the appropriate person who customer experience ? I also wrote to {{colleague1}}, {{colleague2}} and {{colleague3}} in that pursuit. If it makes sense to talk, let me know how your calendar looks?

{{our company}} helps airlines improve customer experience. We do this by extracting insights out of  any customer feedback. We analyse feedback using language processing techniques. Then enrich the data with a hi-end human quality check. The benefit for our airline clients is getting insights to improve every area of their service like onboarding, check-in and flight experience. You can measure and view the results online. Some of our clients include KLM and Transavia.

If you are the appropriate person to discuss this with, when would you be available for a quick introduction call? If not, who would you recommend me to talk to?

All the best from Amsterdam,


Company name

Phone number

Focus on the benefits your service or tool has for the user, not the features

(no long signature, definately no logo’s or picture, they all decrease the change of our email getting delivered). ONLY use plain text.


Hey {{firstname}},

Did you read my note from last week about {{our company}} and our tool that translates consumer feedback into actionable insights?

Airlines have a lot of touchpoints with customers, more than almost any other industry. Passengers interact with an airline online, wait for flights and are on board for many hours. In our experience, this opportunity is used very little to gather valuable insights from customers. With {{our company}}, our clients are able to extract insights out of consumer feedback. For example, we were able to determine the exact seats in the back of the plane that were too noisy to be sold at a premium price.

If you are the appropriate person to discuss this with, when would you be available for a quick introduction call? If not, who would you recommend me to talk to?

All the best,


Company name

Phone number



Hey {{firstname}},

One last try for the sake of professional persistence. I am wondering if you can help me find the appropriate person who is responsible for Customer Experience?


Thank you!


Company name

Phone number

(This breakup email increases responses enormously, it creates a sense of urgency with the reader.)

Get Emails from Facebook Groups in Five Minutes

Get Emails from Facebook Groups in Five Minutes

Are you in an urgent need of emails from Facebook Groups? Let us see how to get in five minutes!

Step 1: Use the Chrome extension from to export Facebook Group members and their company name.

Step 2: Find the company domain using Toofr or’s domain discovery tool. You may also use Blockspring’s Google Sheet Add-On with Bing Web Search API.

1. Toofr:

BAMF How to Get Emails from Facebook Groups Article Image

2.Get Email Domains Using Blockspring & Bing Web Search API:

1.Register for Blockspring Google Sheet Add-On (15$/month, or 14 day trial)

2.Get Bing Web Search API key (1,000 calls / month for $3.65)


3.Connect Bing Web Search API key with Block Spring account under Secrets & Tokens:

BAMF How to Get Emails from Facebook Groups Article Image

4.Open the Google Sheet :

5.Open Blockspring -> Add-Ons -> Blockspring

6.Follow instructions in the Google Sheet. Bing might bug and say you’re out of queries, while you still have, then just try again. It also seems like they are replacing their API system for a new one 31/3/2017.  

Step 3: Once you have the domains, then process the data to find their emails using the FindThatLead, Clearbit, or Google Sheet Add-On.

All the add-ons look relatively the same. My preference of choice is FindThatLead based on its competitive pricing and email deliverability rate:

BAMF How to Get Emails from Facebook Groups Article Image


Learn Something About Good Networking + Bonus Info

Learn Something About Good Networking + Bonus Info

Value Driven

You can meet hundreds of thousands of people, but without purpose, you’ll make nothing of it. This is where you need to improve your networking!

Ensure you can answer these questions before moving forward:

  1. What value do I want to provide to people?
  2. How do I want to provide this value (i.e. podcasting, writing, shooting video, consulting)?
  3. What does my life look like when I’m on top of the world?

Get the Basics Down

I’m here to teach you tactics and systems to help amplify the social skills you already have. If you don’t have social skills for online etiquette and in-person networking, then please go through these resources:

  1. 23 Body Language Tricks that Make Your Instantly Likable
  2. 27 Body Language Tricks to be Instantly Likeable
  3. How to Win Friends & Influence People
  4. Talk Like Ted
  5. Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success
  6. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Eveyone to Take Action

Create Standards

What do want your network to comprise of?

Answer these questions to help you figure it out:

1. What habits and routines should they have?

2.The income level that they should have?

3.The type of industries should they be working in?

4. Social activities should they take part in?

5. The type of friends should they have?

6. Their past accomplishments?

7. What social platform should they be most active on?

8. Where do they live?

Design a Networking Avatar

This is how I describe my avatar:

1. Head of growth, founder, or a top marketer at a marketing software or education company with less than two hundred employees located in San Francisco. Ideally, they should be making over six figures.

2. Enjoy nature, walking, coffee, reading, writing, and hustling on weekends.

3. They appreciate people who write in-depth blog posts.

4. Regularly eat healthily and exercise.

5. They are purpose driven to help others.

7. Also, they are very active on Facebook.

Note: As your network grows, your avatar should narrow, not expand.

Optimize Social Profiles

What emotional triggers do you see for my target audience?

1.Picture of San Francisco

2.Marketing and analytical experience

3.Lives in the same city

4.Knows influencers

5.Keeps in touch with his family

6. Socially validated by follower count

Healthy-looking with a strong, positive personality
Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Find Relevant Conferences with Facebook Groups

These two conferences have Facebook Groups with people who are my target avatar to network with.

Why conferences?

They do the vetting for you. This growth marketing conference (pictured on the right) wants to attract people who can pay $1,000/ticket, leads growth at their company, and live in San Francisco.

Perfect for connecting to my avatar.

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Here are two easy ways to find relevant Facebook Groups:
  1. Download a tool called Mass Planner $9.95/mo
    • Purchase the Contact Module.
    • Connect your Facebook account.
  • Use the Group Finder feature to quickly discover relevant Facebook Groups.
  1. Outsource the process of finding these conference Facebook Groups via Upwork. It should cost around $20 to get a list of forty conferences. Not bad 🙂

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Create Value

Before we go any further, here’s the thing: If you can’t produce value on Facebook or the primary social channel you’re connecting to people on, then no one will care for you.

You need to provide high-level value whether that’s long-form writing, videos, or great photography.

More specifically, you need to focus on increasing your know, like, and trust factor. The higher this factor, the better connection you have with people.

You’ll need to post something worth of value, at least, every other day.

To write better Facebook statuses, blog posts, and video scripts, I suggest diving into a few of these copywriting resources:

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Copywriting = ability to write 450-word statuses that people actually read.

Extract Your New Network

Once you’re in a Facebook Group tied to a conference, you want to plug-in the group’s URL using the Contact module of Mass Planner.

After you click Extract Members, this tool will automatically extract everyone’s Facebook profile URLs and send them to the tab, Use Members.

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Automate Your Messages

In the Use Members tab, select the first checkboxes. Then, click the Send button.

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Input Settings & Write the Follow-Up Message

In the next tab, Friend Requests, copy the settings I have in place.

In the text box at the bottom, you want to have a message similar to this one:

“Hey [first name],

I noticed you’re in [Name of Facebook Group]. Also, I wanted to connect because we have similar interests.

I happen to [credibility associated with their interests]

Are you working on any [relevant characteristic] projects?

An example:

“Hey John,

I noticed you’re in the Growth Marketing Facebook Group. I wanted to connect because we have similar interests.

Also, I happen to run the largest marketing community in San Francisco.

Are you working on any marketing projects?”

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Send Messages

Under the tab, Send Messages, copy my settings and press Start Sending Messages.

Keep in mind, you will have to reply to people once they follow-up with you.

As long as you approach the person with the idea of adding value, then you’ll help increase your know, like, and trust factor.

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Why Facebook?

Facebook is the fastest platform to develop your know, like, and trust factor.

People decided to do business with you based on many factors. They want to see your track record of success, what you do for fun, how you manage your personal brand, whether you’re purpose driven, family oriented, and genuinely care about people. 

No other social platform can tell them this information as fast.

Other HUGE benefits:

You can reach hundreds of thousands of people through creating high-level content. When you have a large community, it’s easy to invite them to events and your own Facebook Groups.

You can quickly be seen as a leader in your niche.

Bonus Automation 🙂

In Mass Planner, you can automatically wish all your friends Happy Birthday.

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Produce Value Your Audience Cares About

My audience cares about value related to self-development, marketing, and entrepreneurship. I provide this value by writing blog posts about influencers, interviewing them live, and regularly holding get-togethers. Why is this important?

You’re helping people. And, when I ask for help, I receive it. Relationships are only powerful if you nurture them.

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image ⇐ Blog Post Video Interview & Event ⇒Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Use Tools to Keep Track of People

It’s not always easy. If you’re throwing weekly events and are short on cash, then find a sponsor.

Also, create email templates for reaching out, then use a CRM tool like Mixmax to schedule meetings easily and track your interactions with potential sponsors, speakers, and influencers.

And, yes, you can use a spreadsheet to keep track of people, too. Until you’re making enough money to afford a full-time VA, it’s probably too much.

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

MixMax in action!

Create a Word-of-Mouth Network

  1. You need to drive people to your personal site
    • Place a Facebook Pixel on your site (Working with WordPress? Use this plugin)
  • Populate it with a logo strip and relevant testimonials (example)

2. Create a video ad to retarget those who visit your website (video ad directions)

    • The video should be inspirational, entertaining, or informative
    • You’re not directly selling with a call-to-action. You’re just staying relevant
  • Why video? It’s the least expensive way to put content in front of people

3. Alternate among four videos. I average 3 – 4 cents per a view when showing a video to an audience who has visited my website. Here’s an example of a high-level professional video:

Here’s an example of Facebook’s reach, views, and cost:

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

How to Send People to Your Website (for cheap)

    1. Write blog posts and post them on Facebook
  1. Sign-up for a free trial of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and pay for an Email Hunter account. Put your avatar search criteria into LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  2. Pay a virtual assistant to use Email Hunter to collect the emails of upwards to 7,000 people who fit your avatar. Sign-up for a Google Apps account so that you can send close to 2,000 emails/day from Gmail.
  3. Verify the collected emails using Email Hunter. You should now have around 3K deliverable emails. Send three hundred at a time using MixMax’s sequence feature. Ensure to include a follow-up email.

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Offer Value

Here’s an inside look into my MixMax account.

My first email offers to write a blog post or conduct a video interview with them. Ensure you point to credibility as to why you would conduct an interview. Also, explain how you can leverage your audience for lots of engagement.

Notice how I have three links in my emails go straight to my website. If I have 3K deliverable emails with a fifty-percent click-through rate, then I can generate a retargeting audience of 1,500 hyper-targeted people.

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Avoid Writing Countless Blog Posts

If your prospects respond to confirm the blog-post interview, send them to a form with ten questions that generates much of the content I need to write for an interview. Since many don’t want to put in work, they’ll avoid filling out the form. It’s fine with me because I now have them on my Facebook remarketing list.

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

If they fill out the form extremely well, I interview them because it’s great content for my audience. If they don’t, I simply ask them if I can use the content for an eBook. So, if I ever need to create an eBook, it will take me less than a day. Here’s an example title: “What I Learned from Interviewing 100 Growth Marketers”

Facebook Groups on Steroids

Josh Fechter – [email protected]


  1. Post every day
  2. Variable rewards
  3. Outsource content
  4. Strict rules
  5. Develop thought leadership

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image


  1. First comment

Encourage people to introduce themselves to the Facebook Group. They should mention their passions and professional interests. To ease the process, send them a direct personal message of encouragement.

  1. Small win

I recommend giving something of value away from that new members can immediately use. A good example is an REI discount for a local hiking group. Also, posting pictures from group get-togethers on social media does wonder for your Facebook Group and fan page engagement.

  1. Get personal

A Facebook community has higher participation if people get to know each other on a more personal level. To facilitate this, you need to take the first step in opening up to give others the courage to step out of their comfort zone, too.

If you don’t lead the conversation in your Facebook Group, then no one will.


Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

What works well?

Giveaways: Facebook Live Video Fireside Chats

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image


Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Conduct Facebook Fireside Chats using BlueJeans software

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

Analyze the metrics of your Facebook Group using Grytics

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

How to Grow Your Facebook Group

  1. Cold emailing scraped lists with great copy
  2. Quora

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image

How to create an excellent Facebook ad that gets featured in Inc.:

1. Pull psychological triggers (city, marketing words (i.e. exclusive, secret))

2. Be controversial

In this ad, our target customer is a tech bro living in San Francisco. By taking a counterintuitive approach, I created a viral ad.

Bamf Networking Bonus Info Article Image