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How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads?

How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads?

Want to learn how to post Foolproof Facebook Ads? Let us have a look at it. Get social validation 100% of the time before you launch a full-blown ad campaign.

You’ll be creating a custom Facebook audience that targets your friends… because real friends will support your business even if they’re not a customer. Once there are enough likes and comments from your friends, we’ll change the audience settings to reach your target customer. Here’s how:

Step #1: Find your friends

Download a copy of your Facebook data export in your Facebook settings.

How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads bamf post

Uncheck all boxes, and then select “Friends”.

Make sure the format is set to “JSON” before you download your data. It will take a moment to load, but once it does, you’ll get a Facebook notification. It will ask for your password before exporting the file for security purposes.

How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads bamf post

Step #2: Sorting data

Open your data export once it loads. Download the “friends_added.json” file to your computer, then upload to the JSON to CSV converter. Download as a CSV once processed.

Upload the CSV to a new Google spreadsheet (File > Import > Upload). Delete all Columns except for Column A (titled “names”) and freeze the first row (View > Freeze > 1 Row).

How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads bamf post

Step #3: Finding Facebook URLs

Run your Google sheet through PhantomBuster’s Facebook Profile URL Finder. When configuring the tool, make sure you allow editors on your Google spreadsheet.

How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads bamf post

Download your results and upload the CSV to a new Google sheet in your workbook. Label this new worksheet “Facebook URL”.

How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads bamf post

Step #4: Turning URLs into Facebook IDs

Duplicate the “Facebook URL” sheet and rename it to “Facebook ID”. Make sure the “Facebook ID” sheet is listed first in the workbook and run it through PhantomBuster’s Facebook ID Finder. Download your results and upload the CSV to a new Google sheet in your workbook. Label this new worksheet “Facebook URL”.

Step #5: Create your custom Facebook audience

Create a custom Face.

This is it!!!

Surprise!!! I love giving surprises and I am in the mood to surprise you right now. So here is an add-on to the post. Hush Hush….

A Simple Trick to Increase Attendance

I was facing some issues with attendance. Let me share the complete story. Two weeks ago, I RSVP’d to an interesting event that I saw on my news feed. After a few hours, I got a personal message from Michael Kilcoyne, the host of the event.

The message was just a video of him personally thanking me for RSVP’ing and encouraging me to invite tons of friends.

He filmed it on his iPhone while walking down the street. It took him 15 seconds to film and send it to me.

I’ve never received a message like this before! Especially, from someone I’ve never met in person.

But I immediately was psyched that Michael went out of his way to reach out personally.

I was also impressed that he put this much effort and care into his event.

Now I know at least one person who will be at the event and have a personal connection to the host.

Easy conversation starter.

So today I started doing the same thing with people who were engaging with my startup’s blog posts.

I messaged them each a 15-second video. I thanked them for engaging with our content and offering a personal coupon code to check out our product.

90% of the people that I reached out to, responded within a few hours. They thanked me for the kind offer, and not only joined our newsletter, but also signed up for the free trial.

People love a personal connection to the founders. Especially, when you can stand out from all of the noise and allow them to get a taste of your personality.

Did you like the surprise? If yes, don’t forget to mention it in the comments :).

Click this link to learn more about Growth Hacking and Lead Generation:

The Growth Hacker Way to Become a Content Marketing Thought Leader

The Growth Hacker Way to Become a Content Marketing Thought Leader

The Growth Hacker Way to Become a Content Marketing Thought Leader

I am a growth hacker and I do content marketing!!! So who am I?

I posted a status on Quora.

6,000 upvotes later, I felt like I had championed the site.

A month later, I took that Quora answer and put it on Facebook.

The result?

Close to 300 engagements and 70 shares!

Another two months later, I took that answer and posted it on LinkedIn.

The result?

6,000 engagements.

Several months later, I re-posted it again on LinkedIn.

41,000 engagements.

In total, from this one piece of content, I’ve generated over 50,000 engagements across three platforms.

What I realized is that you can re-post, re-purpose, and re-hash older content forever.

So, that’s exactly what I started doing.

growth hacking and content marketing bamf article


growth hacking and content marketing bamf article

growth hacking and content marketing bamf article

Here are some important steps:

1: Create a Question Backlog

2: Develop Stories

3: Style Guide

4: Find Relevant Questions on Quora

5: Keep track of all your stories in a Folder

6: Engagement Pods work – at first (best to rely solely on yourself)

7:  Leverage question asking

8: How to respond to negative comments

9: How to respond to positive comments

10: Hire a VA to respond to people

11: Empower others to write their stories interacting with you

Then re-purpose that content

12: E-book campaigns

13: Direct message campaign (sales & recruiting)

14: Repurpose content from interviews

15: Take interviews and turn them into blog content

16: Take interviews and turn them into LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram content

17: How to hire writers

The above steps are quite practical and easy to implement, don’t you think so? Let me know once you have implemented! Good luck.

11 Chrome Extensions That Nailed Product-Market Fit to Explode Growth

11 Chrome Extensions That Nailed Product-Market Fit to Explode Growth

Leads and Growth, all marketers want it!

The problem is most marketers think in the same way when creating a lead magnet.

  • Ebooks
  • Webinars
  • Popups
  • Content upgrades

Growth hackers add one more to the list: engineering as marketing

Engineering as marketing is designed to spend development resources to create tools. These chrome tools – normally free – have high adoption. They can also result in the majority of traction for core product offers.



chrome extensions bamf article


The Bitly Chrome Extension has over 300,000 downloads and is one of our stickiest products. That’s why we’re excited to announce a redesign that brings it up-to-date with New Bitly, which we rolled out to all free users at the beginning of the year.

We had to start from scratch, rebuilding a framework that allows us to easily make updates to the extension as we make updates to the Bitly web app. This change leverages New Bitly’s design and creates a consistent user experience across satellite and desktop products. Here’s how:

chrome extensions bamf article

Rebrandly is the easiest way to create Branded Links to share your online stuff. 

This extension makes it easy to create and share branded, memorable, and (most importantly) pronounceable short links. Branded Links include your personal or company domain name instead of a generic one. Improve brand visibility, increase link trust and optimize SEO ranking. Rebrandly turns any link into a promotion for your brand.


chrome extensions bamf article

View and download Instagram Stories from your browser.

This extension injects your friends’ Instagram Stories above your feed on the desktop website just like it appears in the Instagram mobile app.

★ Download Stories ⬇️
➤ Right-click the icon of the Instagram user to download their story.
➤ The user won’t know you’ve seen or downloaded their story. You won’t show up in their seen list. ????

★ Search for Stories ????
➤ You can search for users, hashtags, and places and see their stories.

★ View Stories of users you don’t follow ????
➤ You can go to any user’s public profile and watch their story, even if you don’t follow them.

★ Watch Live Videos and Live Video Replays ????

★ Also, watch Location and Hashtag Stories ????#️⃣

➤ You can learn more about how this extension works by reading my Medium article:

➤ View the source code of this extension at:


chrome extensions bamf article


Find employee email addresses for any company and display useful contextual data for anyone who emails you.

Clearbit Connect puts the information of millions of companies and people at your fingertips, surfacing data on the people who email you in Gmail’s sidebar, and allowing you to find anyone’s business email with just a few clicks.

## Find any new email

Directly within Gmail’s compose window, simply type in a company name and an employee role, and we’ll tell you who you should email and everything we know about them.

No more checking multiple email formats manually one-by-one in Rapportive!

## Find out who’s behind an email

Know more about who’s emailing you — without having to open a new tab. See their social handles, company role, company size and funding, and much more.


chrome extensions bamf article

Send and preview Dropbox files and links without leaving your Gmail window.

Save time sharing and reviewing important stuff with the Dropbox for Gmail extension.

By adding a Dropbox button to Gmail Compose, it becomes really easy to send Dropbox shared links in email – allowing you to seamlessly share large files and save space inside your growing inbox.

Quickly access any important files with the Recent Files tab or use our supercharged Search tool to find the file you need to send.

And, see rich previews of Dropbox links shared in emails. Like attachments, you can use these links to download the file directly from Gmail or add it to your Dropbox.


chrome extensions bamf article

Clever Browser add-on for LinkedIn simplifying Lead Generation and Business Development.

✋ 24-August-2017 : Welcome ex-“Hunter” users

Leave us a note so we can help you to make the transition to Dux-Soup as easy as possible, so you can continue  your work after 31-August.

✍ 14-July-2017 : Auto-connect with personalised messages (Pro)

You can try the Pro version risk-free for 30 minutes. If you feel it doesn’t meet your requirement you can get a refund via the web store. See  for details.

For all user-FAQs please visit

❮❮ Introduction ❯❯

Dux-Soup provides LinkedIn Lead Generation automation. It is a browser plug-in which works with Google Chrome and it will become your virtual assistant on LinkedIn.

❮❮ Why Use it? ❯❯

Dux-Soup will give you leads in a lot less time. It keeps track of every single profile you visit and allows you to make notes directly on the profile page which are saved. Profile date and notes can be export as a .CSV file to be opened in Microsoft Excel or similar. The .CSV file includes data such as the timestamp of the visit, name of the person whose profile you visited, job title, company name, location, email and notes.

❮❮ Best thing about Dux-Soup? ❯❯

All your activities on LinkedIn are tracked automatically and visible once exported. You can take and save notes on each profile such as: have sent invite/need to reply to a message / likes Opera etc etc. Dux-Soup can save you hours of manual data entry when it comes to tracking all the leads you interact with on LinkedIn.

Dux-Soup also includes the ability to auto-visit profiles of LinkedIn users based on Google or LinkedIn searches. This means you (your profile) will show up as ‘viewed your profile’ and human curiosity will usually make your viewed profile, view yours and perhaps connect.

❮❮ Editions ❯❯

There are two editions: The Starter Edition (free) and The Professional Edition (paid / month-by-month).

⫸ The Starter Edition has been created for LinkedIn Standard, Business Pro and Sales Navigator. It offers 100 profile visits per day, visits group members, can search using Google X-Ray and provides the Note-Taking function.

⫸ The Professional Edition offers a user-configurable visits / day, visits group members, supports all versions of Linkedin, downloads data, exports profile lists via Quickscan, has configurable throttling, can search using Google X-Ray and of course, provides the Dux-Soup Note-Taking function, custom tagging, auto-connect , autp-follow, auto-save to pdf and auto-endorse.


chrome extensions bamf article

HubSpot Sales gives you the tools you need to adopt a modern sales process.

The HubSpot Sales helps you uncover more leads in less time, connect with those leads, and close deals faster while managing all your contacts in one central database. And it’s free to get started.

The Benefits

Track emails through Gmail and get notified the instant a lead opens an email, clicks a link, or opens an attachment for a timely, relevant follow up.

Turn repetitive emails into templates, measure their performance, and share the best ones with your entire team. Access all your templates directly in Gmail.

Once you’re ready to upgrade for more functionality, you can queue up a sequence of personalized follow-up emails and reminders that get delivered automatically. Enroll contacts into a sequence right in your Gmail window.

Eliminate the back and forth of emails and missed calls by sending a link that lets your leads pick a time that works for both of you.

Eliminate manual entry as every lead’s contact info, email opens, and clicks get logged automatically.

HubSpot Sales comes pre-packaged with HubSpot CRM Free, allowing you to manage your entire pipeline and speed up your sales process without clunky tools or spreadsheets.

It gets you started for immediately and for free. Connect it to the tools you already use and watch it become the first sales tool that your sales team will actually use. It’s fully integrated with a rep’s inbox so it works where they do.

Use HubSpot Sales on the go with iOS and Android mobile apps and stay on top of all your deals.



chrome extensions bamf article

Hunter is the easiest way to find email addresses from anywhere on the web, with just one click.

The extension lets you find the people behind a website and their email addresses. When you click on the icon, you get a list of people with:

– Names
– Professional email addresses
– Social networks
– Job titles
– The public sources where this data has been collected

All the email addresses are returned with a quality score that evaluates the confidence they are accurate.

# Features

✓ Get email addresses from any website: when you are on a website, click on Hunter’s button in your browser to get every email addresses we found related to the website.

✓ Search a name in the search input to find the email address of someone.

✓ Click the “+” next to a person to save this lead to a list.

✓ Synchronize your leads to you favorite CRM or applications. Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive or Zoho and hundred other applications can be connected.


Mixmax is the essential productivity suite for Gmail and Google Inbox.

Reach out more effectively to prospects, clients, and customers with these essential features:

✓ Track opens, clicks, and downloads
✓ Schedule meetings and plan events
✓ Write faster with templates
✓ Personalize bulk emails with mail merge
✓ Snooze and set reminders
✓ Send later
✓ Embed polls and surveys
✓ Share any email to Salesforce, 
Slack, and other services
✓ Automated web previews of websites and links

Features in detail:

— Track opens, clicks, and downloads with read receipts —
Know exactly who opens your message and when, even in group messages. Now you know exactly when to follow up.

— Schedule meetings instantly —
Share availability and set up meetings painlessly with Google calendar integration.

— Write faster and better with templates —
Create and save templates to reuse again and again. We’ll also show analytics for opens, clicks, downloads, and replies so that you know how well your templates perform.

— Personalize bulk emails instantly with mail merge —
Send hundreds of personalized emails in minutes with mail merge. Send directly from Gmail, so emails end up in recipients’ Primary tab.

— Snooze and set reminders —
Never forget an appointment conversation. With snooze and reminders, your messages come back to the top of your inbox at a time you set.

— Schedule emails to send later —
Always have perfect timing with scheduled emails. Write an email at night and send it in the morning, or whenever you wish.

— Embed polls and surveys —
Easily add polls and surveys to your emails to get focused responses from your recipients.

— Share any email to Salesforce, 
Slack, and other services —
Turn any email you receive or send into a link which you can share on your favorite services.

— Show web previews to get your point across —
Get your point across with visual previews. No more clicking links and switching context.


— Higher response rate —
Create beautiful and interactive HTML email that engages recipients (no coding required!)

— Perfect for professionals —
– Salespeople who want to close more deals
– Professionals who want to build brand and boost credibility
– Business Development, Project, and Account Managers who want to increase engagement with their emails
– Anyone who wants to send email that sets them apart




The all-in-one SEO toolbar for research on the go.

MozBar gives you instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP.
-Create custom searches by engine, country, region, or city.
-Quickly assess the Page Authority and Domain Authority of any site or page.
-Access and compare link metrics across pages while viewing any SERP.
-Find and highlight keywords on a page and differentiate links by type: Followed, No-Followed, External, or Internal.
-Expose page elements, general attributes, markup, and HTTP status.
-Export your search engine results page (SERP) analysis details to a CSV file.

Get more with a Moz Pro Subscription
-Unlock additional MozBar Premium features:

–Keyword Difficulty
-View the Keyword Difficulty score for any search term on any SERP in real-time.

-Page Optimization
-Get instant page optimization detail and content suggestions for any keyword on any page.

-More Metrics
-Dig deeper into page and SERP analysis data with root domain and subdomain links, unlimited Open Site Explorer reports and more.


chrome extensions bamf article


See website traffic and key metrics for any website, including engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking and traffic source.

Use SimilarWeb’s browser add-on to get in-depth traffic and engagement statistics with a single click.

Find out how popular any website is and get instant knowledge and estimation on sources of traffic bringing users to the site. Check out for much more in-depth analysis of websites and apps.
When downloading our product you join SimilarWeb Panel and become part of our ambitious project of getting the insight and trends about the digital world this project is here to improve and expand the world’s knowledge about digital trends.

For the purpose of providing you with analytic data, ranks, popularity, similarity and website metrics, Usage of the extension requires granting it permission to capture anonymized clickstream data. We will collect data regarding your browsing usage, specifically the domains you browse. For more information regarding our data collection, we urge you to review our privacy policy before you install our add-on, available here:

How Did We Launch, Design, and Automate an Elite Membership for Founders?

How Did We Launch, Design, and Automate an Elite Membership for Founders?

In the last month, we drove 30,000 visitors to my personal website and BAMF Media. Yes, it happened because we did something different, we offered membership.

Five hundred visits came from ads.

29,500 came from social selling.

What is social selling?

It’s using social media to build relationships with your prospects.

And it’s the foundation of our membership.

We wanted CEOs, founders, and C-level executives to use social selling to grow their personal brand and generate leads.

In the last year, I used social selling to hit 35 million views on my work and help make over a million-dollars in sales.

A little over twelve months ago, I started from scratch.

Zero followers.

Now I’m hitting record highs in engagement and generating hundreds of leads every month for our membership.

Here are the exact steps I used to make it happen (feel free to copy and repeat):

Step 1: Create a Landing Page that Converts

I needed a landing page that sold the membership well.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I copied a similar landing page to what I’ve used for previous companies with subscription memberships.

This page is gold.

It includes testimonials, logos, and community pictures.

Instead of allowing people to buy right here, we have them fill out a JotForm.

We need to qualify people who apply because most can’t afford the membership at $1,500/month.

Moreover, at $1,500/month they expect to talk to someone before they purchase.

2. Qualify Your Applicants

Using Typeform, we ask a number of questions which can disqualify the applicant:

  1. What’s your LinkedIn profile URL?
  2. Why do you want to join?
  3. What’s your budget?

The faster we disqualify candidates, the faster we’ll get in touch with the people who will convert.

For example, if they put a “1” as their budget – they’re disqualified. We’re still figuring out a separate funnel for these low-quality leads because they make up eighty percent of the applicants we receive.

When the applicants finish the form, we get their details sent to a Google Sheet and my email.

Here’s an example of a lead details in an automated email I’d receive:

From here, I can dive into their LinkedIn profile to see if they’re worth a phone call.

The best part: I don’t do any of the qualification.

I label each lead email under Leads.

This way, I can have my assistant open my inbox, qualify the leads, and add them to a follow-up sequence.

All I need to do is show up for the phone call.

3. Use a CRM That Automates Your Workflow

Most CRMs can help you, but not all are meant for what you sell. For a reoccurring membership, I needed something simple with heavy automation.

I started with Google Sheets + Zapier, then upgraded to Pipedrive.

But I didn’t like my experience with Pipedrive, so I settled on PropellerCRM.

It has Mixmax-like features with sequences, a Trello board-like feel for keeping track of leads, and a sweet Chrome extension. The Chrome extension pops this image up right next to my emails. This allows me to fill out the lead’s details while adding them right to a follow-up sequence and into my CRM.

Here are the screenshots:

In one click, they’ve been added to follow-up sequence. The follow-up sequence depends on what level of budget they have and their title. This enables us to cater directly to them with personalized copy.

Here’s what the PropellerCRM board looks like:

It only takes a few minutes to get up and running with this software.

We make the follow-ups simple, mostly text-based, and straight to the point. As such, we haven’t done a ton of A/B testing with these email templates, but so far they’re crushing it for us with a 70% schedule rate.

When they’re ready to start the membership, we send them a Docusign template along with a proposal to fill out their credit card details. We’d rather have them fill out their account details because Quickbooks no longer takes a processing fee when it’s an account transfer. The issue is when we ask for bank account details (Routing # & Account #), we lose up to twenty percent of our prospects. Ouch.

4. Know Where Your Leads are Coming From

If you don’t know where your leads are coming from, then you have a serious issue. You can’t double down on what works. You’ll waste countless hours on the wrong channels.

We launched the membership using Facebook traffic. As we’ve grown, we’ve tested new channels. Most of our leads now come from LinkedIn. We found this out with one simple Typeform question. As a result, we’ve doubled down on LinkedIn with content and automation.

Because LinkedIn works well for driving traffic and leads, we focused on how to do this at scale. There are two areas where prospects will find you using LinkedIn:

1: Your LinkedIn Company Landing Page

We optimized our company page to express the services and benefits we offer people when we work with us. Most importantly, we make it mobile friendly. We’re not trying to include our entire story – only the pieces that will help make the sale.

To get people to visit this, we create non-stop viral posts tagging our company page:

These statuses can drive upwards to thirty thousand visitors every month.

And we do this on repeat – that’s powerful.

2: Your LinkedIn Published Posts

LinkedIn loves how-to content.

And they love story-oriented content about the workplace.

With how-to content, I always leave the second half of the article on my website.

In this case, I wrote an article with eleven tips to gain a following on LinkedIn. I included the first five in the piece, then had a link to view the last six on my blog. This way I can capture my readers in a Facebook re-marketing audience to run ads to them.

This piece drove almost five hundred visitors to my website over the span of a week.

Now I upload an article like this one every week to LinkedIn.

5. Automate the Benefits in Your Membership

One of the primary benefits of the membership is we expand Facebook profile networks with targeted people, including CEOs, CMOs, and other C-level executives. We do this because we have one of the largest databases of enriched Facebook URLs (50,0o0+).

It’s expensive to enrich a Facebook URL.

On average, it costs us forty cents.

The result: An entire map of the most powerful people on Facebook.

At first, we used Mass Planner to auto add these people into the participants’ networks. With too many participants, Mass Planner slowed down my computer to a snail’s pace. Moreover, it required constant monitoring along with a new Proxy for each participant.

Here’s what the Facebook Auto-Adder and extractor looks like in Mass Planner:

And here’s where we’d start automating the friend requests:

Here’s the Chrome extension we built to replace Mass Planner. This cost us $500 and saved us countless hours of pain. Totally worth it.

This Chrome extension auto-adds people to your Facebook network based on their profile URLs. We even have a featured exclusive for my co-founder and I that enables us to scrape the entire friend’s list of Facebook users.

Next, we outsource this URL list to a VA who enriches the data, then sends it back to us. We then filter out everyone who’s not a C-level executive or founder.

Once the Facebook automation is running, we set them up with Linked Helper to auto-connect to targeted prospects on LinkedIn at scale. This tool can add 2,000 – 3,000 targeted connections/month.

Once they have Linked Helper running, we help them produce content with viral mechanics. We have more than one hundred viral outlines for them to follow. It’s plug’n’play content.

Before they post their content, they submit it via a Google Doc using a Google Form link I have located in the pinned post. I use Zapier to alert me of the submissions via email. I edit each piece of content before it goes live to ensure it gets engagement.

How well do these posts work?

I helped my co-founder write one and it received over 200,000 views in two days. This was after nine months of not posting anything with only 1,900 connections.

To keep our members concentrated on creating content rather than consuming it in their news feed, we have them eliminate it with a custom Chrome extension. Take a look:


No distractions – only writing.

Once the viewers begin engaging with the members’ content on LinkedIn and Facebook, we create re-marketing audiences. To do it with Facebook, we created a custom Chrome extension that enables us to pull all the emails of one’s Facebook friends. It syncs with Yahoo because it’s the only email platform that pulls emails from Facebook friends.

We pair this tactic with LinkedIn’s “Getting an archive of your data” feature found in Settings. Now we have emails of all their Facebook and LinkedIn friends. Before we start running ads for them, we ensure they have an optimized landing page to send traffic to.

Because all the members produce engaging content every week for their network, all the re-marketing ads achieve a relevance score of 10/10. This results in less money spent on leads and engagement.

6. Follow Through

To ensure members take full advantage of the benefits, we hold two webinars every week. There’s easy access in the pinned post of the private Facebook Group:

This way we can walk them through any problems or opportunities they have.

For added accountability, we send them an email every Sunday noting their progress in the membership.

7. Become a Lead Machine

We wanted to make it easy to generate leads from engagement. This way participants have an incentive to post more. My co-founder, Houston Golden and our kick-ass developer, Zak, built this Chrome extension that extracts emails and profile data from people who comment or like posts.

It can also scrape entire LinkedIn search queries.

To take it one step further, we added this Chrome extension that auto-connects with personalized messages to people based on their LinkedIn URLs. This helps warm outbound email and generate immediate leads.

None of this would help if we didn’t include copy templates for cold email and LinkedIn messaging.

We can’t put those here because they’re the secret sauce of the membership.

It took us a lot of A/B testing for our own business to find out what works.

Step up to the Plate

All membership communities require some face time from the founder. It’s important you automate and delegate everything you shouldn’t do. This means editing posts, sending emails, and jumping on phone calls to sell prospects. Sometimes it takes three or four people to get an entire membership community automated from lead generation to community engagement.

My question for you:

Why haven’t you automated your lead flow for a membership community?

The key to Postcard Marketing with Direct Mail

The key to Postcard Marketing with Direct Mail

As a thank you to all BAMF followers, subscribers, and well-wishers, I wrote this post. I’ve sent 100ks+ of postcards and here’s everything I know about postcard marketing or direct marketing.

Isn’t Direct Mail Dead, you serious about postcard marketing?

The reason direct mail works is because so many marketers think that way, it works -because- it’s underutilized.

When and where to use it:

Direct mail is generally a good idea for businesses that have $, have optimized their free channels, know their customers super well, and are past product/market fit, or where LTV is really high. Think e-commerce or real estate. It is also a good way to reach people in a specific area, folks who are offline or inundated with digital advertising.  Direct mail is harder to do outside the US (privacy laws for lists, technology, ~2x more expensive, etc).

Conversion #s:

Expect a 1-3% conversion rate on a campaign executed flawlessly with my tips. Best I’ve ever seen is 10% after >$1M in spend and over 10+ designs, optimized as they learned. Per-postcard personalization helps a lot.

The best postcard campaigns are sent to targeted audiences, people that already know your brand.

After that, targeted purchased lists are good. Generally, avoid sending EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) to entire carrier routes… which is a good deal cheaper, but not as targeted. Time spent on your list is well spent.

Ready for all my postcard knowledge, distilled into 1 page?

Head into a room. Leave your phone behind. Read for 25 minutes. I have chosen every word and link carefully. Ready? If so… go…

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

First, Design a Great Card.
  1. Get Inspired:
  • From companies like Amazon, Chase, Sprig,, State Farm, DoorDash, Gap, Verizon, etc.
  • Design tips :(1) For postcard sizes, send 6×9 cards or 6×11, 4×6 doesn’t convert as well. (2) Use images from if you don’t have a great image. Use for your icons. (3) Your headline should be 3-5 words only, no more. EDIT IT! Again! (4) Have a crazy good offer (30-40%+), make it expire. After the headline, make the offer most visible.
  • If you can, personalize it. First names, maps unique to each card with nearby customers, related products, etc.
  1. Add in tracking:
  • We use the com API to provide unique forwarding phone numbers for each campaign to use caller-ID attribution, cheaper + better than Twilio. A free Google Voice number will do, too.


  • Use a URL forwarder. Even just If you want, get fancy and get a unique URL for every card to track top of funnel, then follow up with emails. Unique QR codes, work too.
  • com also offers delivery API calls. Use them, check organic traffic when cards are delivered. You can do QR codes or even in-person redemptions if you have a brick and mortar.
Second, Build a Targeted List.
  1. You can target by tons of criteria:
  • Target Consumers, Businesses, or Homes/Other.
  • Target folks on the web, e.g. LinkedIn with an outsourcer.
  • You only buy a list AFTER you design a card. Lists go stale, so send fast!
  1. Combine direct mail with email.
  2. Validate and clean your list:
  • com has a free address validator API.
  • com is a way to auto-clean lists if you didn’t buy them from the folks above.
Finally, Send and Measure it.
  1. Pick a printer:
  • If you aren’t doing personalization or per-postcard tracking, don’t use
  • For sending >100k, use an offset printer. You can’t do much personalization at that volume without spending a lot. Try smaller campaigns first to optimize your message.
  1. Measure your results:
  • Generally, results come in 1-4 days after cards are in boxes.
  • Based on conversions, do retarget. Same neighborhood. Same demographics. You can also do browser->address attribution (yea, right!!). Refer
(A) Appendix: Consumer Targeting Options:

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

(B) Appendix: Business Targeting Options:

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

(C) Appendix: Property, New Mover, Speciality Data:

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

(D) Appendix: Postcard Statistics:

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

BAMF Direct Mail Article Image

Something About Warming The Cold Leads

Something About Warming The Cold Leads

Warming the cold leads is exciting!

Today I got asked how to send cold leads/emails in bulk to a bought mailing list…..this topic is going to throw up some controversy but if you can’t break something to risk some things it’s not worth it in my opinion.

What do you do if you’ve got a mailing list of 50k? I had this problem earlier this month that I luckily managed to solve. I bought a 50k mailing list to test and run some experiments on. First of all, it was a relevant list of people interested in technology and gadgets, not a hair and beauty list which would be pointless to buy if you’re selling technology.

If you try and send 50k emails first through anywhere you’ll get blacklisted. You could try asking someone else to do it for you on places like Up work but they could steal the data and spam it themselves till it becomes useless.

So I went on a path of discovery trying to work out the best way and this is what I found:
  1. You’ll need to verify these emails, I’m talking about not just confirming the source you bought them from but to individually run them through spam filters and to see if the emails are active.

If you have a number of emails that no longer exist and the place you’re using to send them gets a whiff you’ll get blacklisted.

You need to use a tool called emaillistverify (google it) this will run all the emails you have and check that they are real + don’t have any spam-traps.

  1. You’ll have to warm these people up…no point just sending a cold email. Pull the emails into Facebook using a custom audience and run brand awareness campaigns. Run these at the audience you imported for about 2 weeks. You can also import them into Google and run a campaign of display ads.
  2. Send them an email. Send emails in batches…..send 500 – 1000 a day. You can also split the emails up into lists, if you have 20 different lists it won’t look as obvious. The first email should explain what you’re product is in one line (this should be in-line with the brand awareness campaign you ran) . Don’t use CAPS.

After doing this you should see you won’t get as many people unsubscribing or you get black listed.