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Viral Campaigns Unicorn Snot

Unicorn Snot

Unicorn Snot is a glittery cosmetics company that just launched the world’s first glitter sunscreen. As long-term BAMF partners, they trusted us to drop a glitter bomb that would blow up the Internet.

Using technology, creativity, and social media, BAMF Media is perfecting the
science of going viral.


Total New Signups

Total Signups From Referrals

Total Social Shares

Referred 25+ or More People

It’s clear to see the exponential power of the viral campaign as it
gains momentum. With this strong of virality, we were able to
create massive growth while barely increasing the ad spend.



    • Total Spent: $1,641.83
    • FB CPL: $0.32 per lead
    • Adjusted Viral CPA: $0.06 Per Email


    Some Viralty Metrics





    Refferals / Participants


    Refferals / Shares


    Shares / Participants

    The name may be funny, but Unicorn Snot is
    serious about their brand.

    Our BAMF Creatives were able to design,
    develop, and code a unique viral website with custom graphic icons, animations, and custom referral backend technology integration.




      Virally optimized “Thank You” page to drive referrals.


      48% of all people who signed up shared one of their links.


        Social Networking


        Facebook is the most popular platform with
        1,625 referrals from 6,596 shares.

        Twitter has the highest share/referral ratio with
        925 referrals from just 2,015 shares.

        The majority of tracked referrals came from
        people who clicked on a linked that had been
        copy/pasted somewhere with 17,833 from

        One of our top performing ads

        •  Results: 6140 Leads
        • Cost per Lead: $0.30
        • Reach: 480,199
        • Reactions: 5.1K
        • Shares: 2601
        • Comments: 1.9K
        • Adjusted Viral CPA: $0.06 Per Email



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