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LinkedIn Influencer.

“We are on a mission to empower one million founders in the next five years.”

In the last year, Josh has over 200 million views on his work, and has written 100+ viral posts.

Josh is considered to be one of the most viewed writers online in 2017 & 2018.

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder of BAMF Media. Former Head of Growth for 22Social, UpOut, and
GrowthX. Former growth evangelist for Autopilot and Mixmax. Wrote a book
about Facebook marketing, growth hacking, content marketing, LinkedIn
marketing, and copywriting. Top Quora Writer 2017 & 2018..

Founded and lead one of the most active communities online for marketers and
founders (20,000+ members).

Thought Leadership

Are you ready to become a thought leader with a noteworthy personal brand that generates leads for your business on autopilot?
Through the BAMF Influencer Program, we help founders and sales leaders become badass influencers by using social media to spread their authentic message to the people who matter most.
We offer full-service development of your thought leadership and content creation as well as badass growth hacking advice, multi-channel automation, social media domination, and other top secret tactics to provide you a competitive edge that isn’t available anywhere else.


Thought Leadership

Automate Connecting to Thousands of Targeted Prospects on LinkedIn & Facebook
This is a network of people who will buy from you. We automate your follower, connection, and prospect growth using custom tools we’ve developed.

Provide Weekly Reports Tracking Your Goals
We will analyze your profile’s increase in engagement every week, then give you feedback and implement optimizations accordingly.

Create a Predictable Sales Funnel with Your Personal Brand
We’ll not only fill the top of your funnel with brand awareness,  we’ll help you convert them into real opportunities through advertising.


Our Process

Discover Influencer/Market Fit
We hone in on your target prospect: their needs, wants, and desires. We’ll show you right there and then how we’ll get leads for you at scale.

Optimize Your Social Profiles
We expand your social profiles with targeted prospects while implementing a clear strategy to clean your social profiles of old connections, so we can efficiently track your progress. We then dive into ensuring you have an optimized profile for a high connection rate.

We Take The Pain Out of Authentic Content Creation
You’ll have the exact playbook of what types of posts you need to put on social media. We’ll ask questions and do all the writing. Then we’ll transform your responses into content that your target prospects will love and respect.


Real People, Real Results

Video Testmonial: Nick Black

“We’ve been at this for 4 years and so far BAMF is the only group that’s driven ROI in digital marketing for us”

Our Results for B2B Marketing

Aaron Agius: Two Months

  • 4,728 → 14,936 Followers
  • 12 viral posts (50% hit rate)
  • 20,000+ new engagements

Ben Lee (still a client): Four Months

  • 13,091 → 30,229 Followers
  • 16 viral posts (32 posts published = 50% hit rate)
  • 45,000+ new engagements



Johnny Reinsch (still a client): Six Months

  • 2,000 → 20,000 Followers
  • 65,000+ new engagements
  • Countless partnerships with enterprise
    companies and helped them raise 100
    million dollars

Nick Black (still a client): Three Months

  • 1,000 → 9,100 Followers
  •  70,000+ new engagements
  • 40+ C-Level Warm Leads


LinkedIn Influencers who we’ve worked with

Editor-in-Chief at Shopify


Gary Vaynerchuk’s Personal Writer


Andre Palis, Founder & Sales

Director at Raccoon


Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of

Mindvalley & Bestselling Author


Content Marketing


Authentic Viral Content Creation

As A Service

  • 3 social posts fully-written (1300
    characters, ~220 words) per week


Other Members


Our Proven Process



Custom LinkedIn Automation helps you send targeted and personalized messaging campaigns on LinkedIn:

  • Add personalized notes to connection requests at scale
  • Upload LinkedIn profile url lists with custom columns to send personalized LinkedIn messages at scale
  •  Track new connections and replies to send automated follow-ups to the right people at the right time


Media Buying


  • Run authentic ads to build your personal brand on
    these narratives:
  • Dedicated Media Buyer on your account
  • Full Service:
    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Quora Ads Plan
    • Audience Mapping
    • Creatives and Copy A/B Test


Media Buying Examples

Case study: Perfomance


Our Process

Engagement: 96 likes 8 comments 8 shares Performance: 10/10 relevance score 271 link clicks 2,052 reach Cost-per-lead: $4 Click-through rate: 13.2% (6X higher than industry average)  

Case study: Our Stories Get Featured



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